Based on the needs identified in the trawling fishing sector in terms of qualifications and learning for appropriate management of occupational risks associated with the activities of trawling, the proposal "SAFE FISHING" arises whose aims are:

- To provide and to advise to the sector of the trawling fishing in the transverse skills corresponding to the prevention of labor risks (Program Normalized to European Level for the management of the prevention of labor risks in the trawling fishing sector)

- To promote an educational innovative development in the sector with the use of the ICT (DVD: SAFE FISHING)


Across transnational ACTIVITIES that promote the " development of tools and training programs innovators based on the use of the ICT " one tries to cover the NEEDS detected in all countries partners:

- At present, the training in preventive matter of this sector is given by traditional technologies of learning in all the countries partners. As it is possible to extract of two recent studies realized in the sector ("Aspectos básicos de la formación en la pesca de bajura, altura y gran altura en Galicia (financiado por el Fondo Social Europeo y la Xunta de Galicia)" y "Análisis de la aplicación de la PRL en el sector de la Pesca en Galicia (Cofinanciado por la Xunta de Galicia)), does not exist a suitable "professionalization" of the workers inside the new technological environments.

This sector is characterized for the deep-sea presence of the workers during considerable periods of time, which disables the training of periodic character (recycling). With audio-visual materials of training with easy comprehension, which could be visualized in thrawler fishing vessels, it would facilitate the training on board.

- There do not exist programs of training of prevention of labor risks normalized to European level. The standardization of the training to European level contributes an added value to the same one, facilitating the mobility of the personnel, the exchange of knowledge, improving notably the quality of the training contents.

- The legislation in preventive matter, demands to the workers to give a specific training depending on his working place, so much before beginning to develop it like from time to time. It is habitual that this training ends up by being very general for all the workers, instead of specific, since also it is habitual not to get the periodic training for the complications that the organization of the same one carries, especially in sectors as this one in which the workers are relocated by long periods.


Spain has a preventive contents for the updated, financed and supported by a Public Entity as for Prevention of Labor Risks that are adapted as reference but these have not developed to there be given by tools ICT ("ANÁLISIS DE LA PROBLEMÁTICA DE LA SINIESTRALIDAD EN EL ARTE DE ARTRASTRE EN LA PESCA DE ALTURA Y GRAN ALTURA: GUÍA DE PROCEDIMIENTOS DE ACTUACIONES PREVENTIVAS").

The new technologies applied to the training put at the disposal of the student and the teacher means of interaction, improving notably the learning process. These innovative tools of learning based on the use of the ICT allow the use of audio-visual contents, which contribute a more efficient training and a training distantly that can be developed at any time and place.

Adapt and improve Spanish content through ICT will provide continuous learning for the development of activities in safer conditions and fewer workplace accidents.

Depending on the profile of the workers (knowledge), the particularities of the sector (activities in trawler fishing vessels ....), and of the training contents object of this proposal (preventive contents), the AUDIO-VISUAL support is the ICT selected as the most suitable support. It will be possible visualize easily from the trawler fishing vessels, it is effective pedagogically because it shows in images how it is necessary to operate and it is very important in the prevention of risks and neither it implies a very exhaustive organization at the moment of his imparting. The proposal intends develop a DVD with “specific” preventive contents so that the workers could select what module work in function of their workplace.

This support will allow so much a classroom training with a teacher as an own training of the worker guided by the own DVD.


The partnership involved is:

- ARVI. Spain



- IMP. France

- RTEU. Turkey

- EUROPECHE. Belgium

These entities have an experience and capacities that as a whole are essential for the achievement of the aims of the project:

Unlike the individual companies of the sector that identify what needs it has their SPECIFIC activity, the PROFESSIONAL ASSOCIATIONS AND ENTITIES OF TRAINING (ARVI, MARE, IMP, RTEU and EUROPECHE) know closely the sector IN THEIR SET so much in their country as to European level. There identify so which are the needs in preventive matter of the sector. In addition they give diverse services, between which emphasize those of training of the workers of the sector (object of this proposal).

These entities will identify the sectorial and European needs as for preventive training, will adapt the training Spanish contents to his countries and will allow an easy access to a major number of beneficiaries (see the target in epigraph of dissemination) and stakeholders. In addition, also they have a high experience in activities of national and International diffusion.

- ARVI will contribute with the project with the material of reference to adapt and to improve it with the rest of countries (MARE, RTEU, IMP and EUROPECHE) it will contribute a sectorial vision for the study of needs of each country, the adjustment of the current contents, the identification and development of the new preventive contents, as well as the users (trainers and workers) of the sector necessary for the Pilots.

- EUROPECHE provide to the project with an importan representativity of the sector because is the "Association of National Organisations of Fishing Enterprises in the European Union". Represent: Alemania (Deutscher Fischerei Verband), Bélgica (Rederscentrale), Dinamarca (Danmarks Fiskeriforening), España (Confederación Española de Pesca – CEPESCA), Federación Nacional de Cofradías de Pescadores – FNCP, Francia Union des Armateurs à la Pêche de France – UAPF, Fédération Française des Syndicats Professionnels Maritimes, Italia, Federazione Nazionale delle Impresa di Pesca – FEDERPESCA, Confederazione Cooperative Italiane - , FEDERCOOPESCA, Lega Nazionale Cooperative e Mutue – LEGAPESCA, Associazione General Cooperative Italiane - AGCI AGRITAL, Malta, Koperattivi Malta, Países Bajos, Stichting van de Nederlandse Visserij, , Polonia, North Atlantic Producer Organisations – PAOP, Reino Unido, National Federation of Fishermen’s Organisations – NFFO, Scottish Fishermen’s Federation - SFF.

This fact is very important to provide a EUROPEAN training material and EUROPEAN diffusion

- MARE, RTEU, IMP y EUROPECHE will take charge giving diffusion and sustainability to the project and its results, as it is described in the outputs and activities of diffusion and sustainability.

They will control also in the promotion and diffusion of the project and its national results and European between the beneficiaries (see the target in epigraph dissemination), stakeholders, suppliers and Competent Public Organisms.

- SGS is the consulting one with an extensive experience in prevention of labor risks, activities of training, development of training tools and Programs of Training, studies of investigation and coordination, development and justification of National and European Projects (training, ICT, R+D+i, prevention of risks, environment, health ….) in all the sectors of activities.

It has experienced previous at projects of the Program of Permanent Learning, concretely in "TOI".

Its principal role in the project will be the coordination of the same one, contributing also its experience for the study of the adjustment and normalization of the current Spanish contents to the rest of countries and development of the new training contents of prevention of labor risks.

In all the Work Package of the project, SGS will take charge giving a joint analysis and standardized the results from the European perspective all the studies (of the sector in preventive matter, in training matter ….) realized individually in each country for MARE, RTEU, IMP y EUROPECHE.

- SGS together with ARVI will take charge giving diffusion and sustainability to the project and its results, as it is described in the outputs and activities of diffusion and sustainability.